Cold-Brewed Tea & Coffee
you are what you drink...BE FRESH!
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The Freshest Tea & Coffee
ever put in a bottle.

NO Preservatives or Citric Acid

All-Natural Flavors &
Health Benefits

Organic, fair-trade, Fresh-Roasted Coffee


Jamaica Tea Mojito Mate
Coffee NOW!
Iced Coffee Iced Mocha


Limited Edition Apparel

We are proud to offer Guaranteed Sales & Direct Service Distribution
to all of our local retail outlets.

Please CONTACT US for more information on stocking our products or

"Side Label" Advertising Space on our bottles.



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New Website Updates!

Drink us now at:

whole-foods-market-logo.jpgAvailable in N. California


Berkeley Bowl West
Berkeley Bowl Logo

(this is their new store at
920 Heinz Ave. in Berkeley)


Berkeley Student Food CollectiveBSFC Logo

(next to the UC Berkeley campus at 2440 Bancroft Way)


Sam's MarketSam's Market Pic

(next to UC Berkeley Campus at 2312 Telegraph Ave.)


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